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TOP 10 ebook sites
(updated April 4, 04)
1. FictionWise,
multi formats one stop shopping site, include non fiction and exclusive short fictions.
2. BlackMask, the best free ebook site in several formats.
3. PeanutPress, award winning ebook store for PDA, friendly DRM solutions.
4. Execubook, eSummaries that deliver wisdom. Perfect for PDA users.
5. eBookAd, many indies label are here
6. Univ. of Virginia Library, Free ebooks
7. FreeeLiterature dot com, classics for free
8. Memoware, free documents from volunteers.

9. ESSPC, great place to start your collection (Free)
10.The Online Book Page, from U.Penn.

5 Recommended eBooks from my ebook shelf
(April 04)
(email me for 10% off coupon)

1. Don't Know Much About History
2. Dirty Little Secrets
3. Killing The Buddha
4. The Get With the Program! Guide to Fast Food and Family Restaurants
5. Flirt Coach

Pocket PC eBooks
Bestseller List
(Jan-Mar 04)

1. Star Trek Series
2. Angels and Demons
3. Holly Bible NIV ed.
4. The Da Vinci Code
5. Deception Points
6. Letters to Penthouse XIX
7. Letters to Penthouse XVIII
8. Resolutions
9. 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom
10. Against All Enemies


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iPod at the chip level.
A glimps into the future iPod
"Thanks to these documents we get a little more insight in what the future may hold for the iPod. Portal Player had to deliver a list that sums up all functionality of their current chips and it's that list that revealed some interesting unknown facts. For starters Portal Player can produce chips that support Ethernet and Bluetooth. Another cool sounding functionality is the possibility to create a slide show which can be synchronized on the music's tempo.
The most advanced chip (PP5020) that Portal Player produces has support for color LCD displays and TV viewing. This chip also has the technology to drive a printer directly and another is the connection to a digital camera. One striking missing feature is the possibility to play movies but we all know that Apple's CEO doesn't see any life in a video iPod and personally I think he's right because I don't see myself watching a movie on such a tiny screen. Video is totally a different beast then music. A good read about that is on Yellow Lane. Remember also that we are talking about Portal Players' current chip line and not the ones that are secretly being developed. So who knows, maybe we're just scratching the surface here."

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