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TOP 10 ebook sites
(updated April 4, 04)
1. FictionWise,
multi formats one stop shopping site, include non fiction and exclusive short fictions.
2. BlackMask, the best free ebook site in several formats.
3. PeanutPress, award winning ebook store for PDA, friendly DRM solutions.
4. Execubook, eSummaries that deliver wisdom. Perfect for PDA users.
5. eBookAd, many indies label are here
6. Univ. of Virginia Library, Free ebooks
7. FreeeLiterature dot com, classics for free
8. Memoware, free documents from volunteers.

9. ESSPC, great place to start your collection (Free)
10.The Online Book Page, from U.Penn.

5 Recommended eBooks from my ebook shelf
(April 04)
(email me for 10% off coupon)

1. Don't Know Much About History
2. Dirty Little Secrets
3. Killing The Buddha
4. The Get With the Program! Guide to Fast Food and Family Restaurants
5. Flirt Coach

Pocket PC eBooks
Bestseller List
(Jan-Mar 04)

1. Star Trek Series
2. Angels and Demons
3. Holly Bible NIV ed.
4. The Da Vinci Code
5. Deception Points
6. Letters to Penthouse XIX
7. Letters to Penthouse XVIII
8. Resolutions
9. 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom
10. Against All Enemies


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Forrest Gumstix
Gumstix and eInk - A glimpse of future plans?
I like reading.
...So yes. I have a PDA, a solution most people have decided to embrace. Those who've stepped into the e-Book world that is. Its a nice Compaq iPaq from a bit more then a year ago. Oneof those without replacable battery unfortunately so its time for something new.
The iPaq was great for the time but with the advent of new technologies such as eInk there ought to be something better suited to reading. It should have, as one of its primary selling points, a well readable screen. Here comes Electronic Ink. Dor those who do not know it, is a display technique (and company) which looks very much like paper. It's extremely low power which causes any device using it to be very energy efficient. In fact, while the display doesn't change, something that happens often while you read a page, it will use no power at all.Not a bit (The screen that is).
...Like more people, I like the ability to use a device I've bought for what I want. Open source is very nice indeed and XML along with the Open e-Book format and similar technologies is (or will be) a good solution for those seeking it.
Gumstix. Something that has been on my radar for some time now. Its a small company that produces small but very interesting (not to mention cool) Linux embedded boards.
It's open enough, people could change the kernel. Build new reading formats. Upgrade it. Run XWindows on it for all I care. (Freedom; open-source; sounds familiar anyone?). It's a device where a simple RSS daemon would fetch your feeds automatically. Bluetooth could keep it synched using your phone. Read the latest news on your 300 gram new e-book reader.
All that said, it would be a nice future. But it has its share of downsides. For one, I frequently buy electronic books. Many of those are not available in multiple formats. In fact, about half of them are only available in Microsoft’s proprietary DRM5 LIT files. No open source solution would be likely allowed to read these and as such, it would never be a widespread adoption. There are more of these/such obstacles. But projects like the open reader consortium and the open e-Book format are trying to change these things.
Yet, a three hundred gram Linux capable e-Reader with Bluetooth and an eInk screen? If it were available today, for a reasonable price, I'd not hesitate ordering one where it powered like I just portrayed.

posted by Jerry permanent link